DKist shares heartfelt release, “ALL or NOTHING” [Video]

Birmingham, Alabama musician DKist has been making some major waves lately, building momentum for his heartfelt, atmospheric style. Recently receiving co-signs from big names like Toosii and Erica Banks, the artist seems to be on a path towards wider acclaim. Here, he offers a powerful, bittersweet song in “ALL or NOTHING”, which finds him weaving smooth melodies overtop of a nostalgic instrumental. Accompanied by an expressive new music video, this is an engaging release that draws one in from the get-go.

The instrumental for “ALL or NOTHING” is centred around emotive keys that convey a deep sense of longing. Beneath, crisp percussion and heavy bass moor the beat, creating a strong, bouncy rhythm that is ceaselessly catchy. However, the true highlight is DKist’s vocals, which contain well-crafted melodies that are packed with raw emotion. The vocals drift smoothly over the instrumental, capturing its bittersweet, melancholic undertones and amplifying them tenfold.

Moreover, the visual for “ALL or NOTHING” is expressive and highly effective in its simplicity. It features DKist giving a heartfelt performance of his track, and he is confident and charismatic throughout. Furthermore, the video’s use of subdued, warm colors and settings enhances the song’s reminiscent feel.

Overall, “ALL or NOTHING” is another strong release from DKist that proves he is an up-and-coming voice to keep an eye on. His powerful vocals are highly memorable, and his keen ear for melodies shines through in his songwriting. Paired with passionate production and a meaningful video, the singer delivers a release that is worth re-visiting again and again. 

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