Elliott Wilson Apologizes To Kai Cenat Following Nicki Minaj Spat

Elliott Wilson has issued a public apology to Kai Cenat, following a very public spat involving Nicki Minaj — who was a recent guest on the streamer’s popular show.

“I apologize to @KaiCenat and his fam,” he wrote on Twitter on Saturday (December 16). “I was out of line and let my competitive nature get the best of me. Kai carved his own lane in the game, built a platform, and deserves respect. Salute the streamers and the young creatives getting to the paper and pushing our culture forward.”

In a message sent just a few minutes before, the Hip Hop journalism OG referred to a classic JAY-Z line about 50 Cent, from “It’s Hot”: “Go against Nicki? I must’ve been dense. The Barbz tore me up, and even 50 Cent.”

Check both posts out below.

Wilson first appeared to take a shot at Nicki on Thursday (December 14) when he posted a photo of the rapper twerking during her appearance on Kai Cenat’s Twitch livestream and captioned it: “Hip Hop journalism.”

The Rap Radar Podcast host has been critical of Hip Hop artists in recent months for snubbing rap media outlets and instead doing interviews and podcasts with people he labels “outsiders.”

Nicki took issue with Wilson’s dig and clapped back on X (formerly Twitter), writing: “Elliot if you’d spit JayZ dikk out for one second, you’d be able to be happy for the new comers.

“Isn’t that how y’all tried to tarnish my image? By saying I’m not welcoming new btchs in? Did songs with all of them tho. Why you not happy for a young black man like Kai. Tmrw btch.”

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The Young Money hitmaker later added on Instagram Live: “You know how many tweets I’ve seen you post disrespecting me, Idiot Wilson? […] Nobody owes you shit, hoe n-gga. Fuck you!”

She also accused Wilson, who served as TIDAL’s Chief Content Officer from the fall of 2019 until June of this year, of thinking he can say whatever he wants because of his relationship with JAY-Z.

50 Cent, who appears on the bonus edition of Nicki’s Pink Friday 2 and has had his own issues with Elliott Wilson in the past, also got involved, saying on Instagram: “look how @nickiminaj be blacking out on these [ninja]’s [grinning face emoji] this shit be having me crying LMAO.”

Wilson defended himself, saying: “Never dissed Nicki. Always said she’s the female rap [GOAT]. Over Lauryn, Missy, Kim and Foxy and all. I think Cardi B is dope too. Happy Holidays.”

He added: “Updated: Nicki is goat and best again. New album is dope.”

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