Is Avira the Best Free Anti-Virus Software?

Avira is a popular anti-virus software that has been downloaded more than 500 million times. It can be used on iOS devices, Android devices, Mac devices, and Windows PCs. The anti-virus was created by a German company and boasts outstanding test results in labs. It has even won multiple awards since the 2000s, and these include the AV Product of the Year award from AV Comparatives.

How Effective is Avira Anti-Virus Software?

Avira has been tested by many independent companies, including Cyber News. This website has reported that the lowest rating recorded with this software is 99.3%, which is still very high. In recent times, the antivirus has been able to block 100% of online threats. For comparison, most highly-rated anti-virus products are able to block about 97% of threats. When testing the software, Cyber News concluded that it detected false positives 1 out of 175 times, and this is negligible.

Which Features Can I Use with Avira Anti-Virus Software?

Avira has many useful features, including the antivirus scanner. With this, you will be able to choose between the full scan and quick scan. If you only want to check the most vulnerable parts of your PC, you can use the quick scan option. On the other hand, users who need to check their entire PCs for threats can use the full scan. With Avira, you can also schedule custom scans on your PC. These can be set to run on a daily, monthly, or weekly basis. Another important feature of the antivirus is that it offers real-time protection to users. That means it has to scan any file you download, and it will also give you warnings whenever threats are located.

Here are other features you can use with Avira Anti-Virus:

  • Web protection– This feature will protect you as you browse the web, and it will alert you whenever a website gets infected.
  • Email protection– With this feature, your email attachments will be scanned for threats.
  • Ransomware protection– This is another important feature that will protect you from ransomware threats.
  • Quarantine– Avira will also quarantine any files that might be infected, and this means they will be encrypted and stored in a special folder. You can delete the file permanently from this folder, but if you think it is safe, you can simply go ahead and install it.

Other Methods of Increasing Your Personal Cyber Security

Here are other methods you can use to increase your personal cyber security:

  • Always back up your files as this will prevent loss in case of PC damage or ransomware attacks
  • Avoid clicking unsolicited emails and attachments as they may be infected
  • Check emails for warning signs such as misspellings, urgent money requests, and poor grammar
  • Change your passwords from time to time as some people may have accessed the passwords
  • When installing apps to your mobile device, you should carefully check the permissions you give the application


Avira is an excellent anti-virus. It has a free version, which will give you high levels of functionality. However, you can also use the paid version to get better protection against online threats. With the paid version, you will enjoy functions such as web protection, email protection, ransomware protection, and quarantine of infected files.

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