KLEO reflects on the feeling of not knowing who you are on “INM”

Glasgow musician KLEO reflects on the feeling of not knowing who you are and of not fitting in on “INM,” carried by an atmospheric and vibrant pop style featuring catchy drums, expansive synths and emotive vocals.

An irresistible melody balanced out by contemplative song writing, the track captures the dissociated and monotonous feeling of simply existing in a wider society, unaware of whether you’re truly being yourself or you’re just trying to fit in.

Speaking of the single, she says, “The song is clocking in, clocking out, the daily commute, living for the weekend, meaningless connections, the inescapable digital self, tracking cookies, being just a number, cctv, ctrl + alt + delete, additives, stimulants, vitamins, meds, screen time, night time, no time, and trying to figure out who you are in relation to all that.”

Known for social-commentary centric artistry, KLEO who has built a diverse sonic signature moving through hyper-pop, darkpop, K-pop, house and trap, manages to deliver up addictive soundscapes that also give us plenty of food for thought about human life.

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