Marah brings us to a magic show on “Abracadabra”

Marah brings us to a magic show on “Abracadabra” – EARMILK


West Virginia-based artist Marah drops her new single “Abracadabra”—a magical whirlwind of dancing chimes and mesmerizing lyricism. 


As a debut single, “Abracadabra” is an early taste of Marah’s unique style and her meticulous songwriting ability. Every word is infused with all her own personal touch and delivered with a distinctive soulful voice. The catchy chorus “Like Abracadabra” mixed with the magical chimes and ringing sounds casts a spell on listeners.


With multi-layered elements mixed with the impactful message and the supernatural metaphors create an intriguing parallel to a toxic and unhealthy relationship. Listen to this song if you feel like you’re under someone’s spell and are ready to get rid of it.  


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