Sierra Blax’s “Box of Chocolates” is about finding inner peace

Los Angeles based soul pop meets R&B artist Sierra Blax has just released her new single “Box of Chocolates” and the heartfelt track is the ultimate musical remedy wrapped up in a warm embrace. Known for her ability to craft songs that echo with inspiration in soul and R&B, her new track has all of her signature sounds with an added flair.

“Box of Chocolates” is heavily influenced by nostalgic elements, but Sierra adds irresistible and dazzling pop elements to the mix that paint a vivid picture of her storytelling and bring the track to life. The narrative is one of connecting with nature and at the same time, creating a peaceful and loving relationship with yourself. Sierra’s sensitive songwriting paired with her stunning vocals and well-balanced production invoke feelings of warmth, honesty, and coming back to your heart. Sierra confides, “You can think of ‘Box of Chocolates’ as a love letter to one’s higher self. Through times of sorrow and pain you eventually have to come to a place of acceptance and love; this song represents the navigation through all those emotions.” The vulnerable song is one that delicately touches the soul and untangles your emotions, and the listener is invited to be grateful for the present moment and to count one’s blessings.

Sierra Blax currently resides in Los Angeles, but she is originally from Hawaii. Her music is inspired by the great Motown artists of the past as well as the contemporary sounds of the music landscape today. She confides, “Although I am inspired by power-house singers like Jazmine Sullivan and Amy Winehouse, I am really loving how singers today are using the airy and subtle sides of their voices. This new style has definitely ignited a change for me and my sound. It forced me to use my soft/ falsetto voice more often and helped me discover new melodies that are digestible to the listener.”


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