Snoop Dogg Set To Cover 2024 Paris Olympics For New Primetime Gig

Snoop Dogg has added yet another gig to his ever-growing résumé, joining NBCUniversal’s coverage of the 2024 Olympic Summer Games in Paris.

The announcement was made on Sunday night (December 31) as the legendary rapper appeared in a promo video with various Olympians during Sunday Night Football’s coverage of the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Snoop will speak with NBC Olympics host Mike Tirico and provide his “unique take” on what’s happening in Paris. He will also “explore the city’s iconic landmarks, attend Olympic competitions and events and make visits to the athletes, their friends and families.”

“I grew up watching the Olympics and am thrilled to see the incredible athletes bring their A-game to Paris,” Snoop told the outlet. “It’s a celebration of skill, dedication and the pursuit of greatness. We’re going to have some amazing competitions and, of course, I will be bringing that Snoop style to the mix.”

He continued: “It’s going to be the most epic Olympics ever, so stay tuned, and keep it locked. Let’s elevate, celebrate and make these games unforgettable, smoke the competition, and may the best shine like gold. Peace and Olympic LOVE, ya dig?”

Molly Solomon, executive producer and president of NBC Olympics Production added: “Snoop is already an Olympic gold medal commentator, generating tens of millions of views for his highlights commentary on Peacock of the dressage competition during the Tokyo Olympics. That performance alone has earned Snoop a job as our Special Correspondent in Paris.

“We don’t know what the heck is going to happen every day, but we know he will add his unique perspective to our reimagined Olympic primetime show.”

You can view Snoop’s commercial and his own announcement below. The 2024 Summer Olympics will air live on NBC and Peacock from July 26 through August 11.

Like many, T-Pain has lost count of how many endeavors Snoop Dogg has going on outside of music at this point – and he jokingly called him out over it after receiving a mini-fridge full of ice cream from the rapper last month.

“Y’all I am all for Black men getting they business on. It’s a thing I strive for,” he began in an Instagram video. “It’s one of the things that I am and do. But real quick, I think it’s honestly safe to say that Snoop Dogg officially has too much shit going on. There’s just too much. It’s out of control. This man just sent me a got damn freezer with ice cream in it. This man has ice cream. I’m sick of it, Snoop. I’m sick of it.”

Drake Shows Off Handmade Gift From Snoop Dogg In 2023 Recap

Drake Shows Off Handmade Gift From Snoop Dogg In 2023 Recap

He continued: “What is this? This got to be one of the most inconvenient-ass gifts I’ve ever gotten in my life — that I’m about to absolutely tear the fuck out of. Mans might as well have given me a tropical fish to take care of or something.

“I mean thanks but shit, man. Just take a break bro. I was hoping to look at you as a role model and say, hey, when I get up there in age, I’ma just sit around and do nothing. Now it seems like you’re doing more than you ever did.”

He concluded: “Congratulations, but stop! You won, bro. You the big n-gga in the gym! You did it. Look, thank you. I’m about to eat this right now, but still. I was tryna go on a diet and got dammit. Thank you, Snoop. We love you man.”

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