Soaky Siren wants to know the “Price”

Bahamian singer and rapper Soaky Siren returns with “Price” which serves as her second single from her EP Xanadu. Born and raised in the Bahamas, Siren has been tearing into the Los Angeles music scene with her fierce, kinetic sound and style. Her latest track is a vibrant, unapologetic anthem for the woman that she is, strong and confident in her being and her purpose. Bolstered by a hard-hitting four-to-the-floor drum groove, cinematic textures and a sample of Sister Nancy’s classic record “Bam Bam”, Soaky Siren takes aim at the industry vampires who try to dig their fangs in her neck. Armed with her energetic flow and sultry vocal tone, she sees through the shadiness of the industry and backs up her stance with the following lines “Never click with the clan, I can see the scam, play that ish in 4k“.

Overall, “Price” is pure, raw and unfiltered to the core plus it benefits from a simple and catchy hook as well so hit the play button and enjoy it.

Stream “Price” on YouTube, Deezer.

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