Tom Jones releases yet another cracking protest track about ‘sex and revolution’

Tom Jones releases another cracking protest song about ‘sex and revolution’Tom Jones releases an additional cracking protest tune about ‘sex and revolution’: No Gap In My Head.

Sir Tom Jones has unveiled the second track from his forthcoming album Surrounded By Time’. And it’s another cracker!

Adhering to ‘Talking Reality Tv Blues’ it’s a different form of ‘protest song’, this time from the Sixties and the pen of Malvina Reynolds. (No, I’ll be straightforward, I’d never ever heard of her either. Wiki entry)

Sir Tom’s variation is laden with synths and sitar and he sings in a bluesy baritone. It’s the lyric and arrangement which may perhaps baffle some of Jones loyal fanbase, extra utilized to his primary-time Tv set style. We at LTW think it’s great stuff and admire Tom for his cool song decisions.

It appears to be like Tom may well be heading for the type of acclaim afforded Johnny Hard cash for his late-profession triumphs.

Or, becoming cynical for a second, has he been guided in this path by astute administration in a quest for authenticity and believability?

If it is the latter, the point that it is leading us to uncover neglected hero(ine)s from the again-web pages of tunes background, like Malvina Reynolds, then it can only be a superior issue.

Listed here she is, singing ‘No Hole In My Head’. And indeed, she does glance like a very good outdated American Grandma… Appears to be like like the Golden Ladies invented Rebel Tunes and the Voice from the Valleys is carrying the torch…

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