Why Choose A Chat SDK Over A Chat App?

Chat SDK is a unique open-source platform that will allow people to build their very own chat application. Then, you can simply use the prebuilt configurations to use instant messaging between you, your friends, and clients you may have.

This can be constructed on an iOS platform or an android platform, depending upon what you are trying to target. There may also be creating a simple live chat web application that you can use daily. Here is why you should choose chat SDK over a standard chat app.

Freedom To Create What You Want

One of the top reasons for using a software development kit for creating your chat application is that it gives you the freedom to configure it as you see fit. You may not like the available chat apps that are currently being distributed. Although they are very popular and likely used by many people you know, it is not going to showcase yourself or your company.

For those that do have a business and would like to take their marketing to a higher level, this is undoubtedly the best way to get this done. If your objective is to connect with people over the phone, chat SDK provides you with many different options using a chat application.

Message And Image Attachment Capabilities

Another reason you may want to build your chat app is that you can configure it to have message attachments. This could come in the form of files, such as JPEG or GIF images, that you could send to people with the same application.

Additionally, Giphy’s capabilities can be integrated very easily, something that is used by many people today. When you can attach the exact files you want to share with people with this app, it will make it easier to communicate with them at a higher level.

Why Is Chat SDK So Different?

There are several reasons why this is so much easier to use. First of all, it is an open-source platform. This means that if you are a programmer or hire one, they will be able to configure it to your specifications. One of the benefits of using chat SDK is you can combine this with a modular architecture designed for advanced users, and you can craft any chat application.

Additionally, when you have an open-source platform to work with, we did not have to pay the originator or a third party for this type of coding. All of the information will be in your control, including user data, and it will come with a complete UI framework.

Why Do Many People Prefer Chat SDK?

Preference for chat SDK includes many different features that are included with this open-source platform. Instead of just chatting with people or sending messages back and forth, you can offer public rooms where people can interact together. You can even segment the chats within these rooms, designating each for different types of discussions.

You can make them public or private and provide them with the ability to have a group chat with no cap on the size. It is also possible to set up a flexible login to create their username and password. Most importantly, you can incorporate push notifications which give you the ability to push messages to people that you want them to read at any time.

Is This Scalable?

One of the main concerns with those who create chat applications is that they wonder if they will start from scratch. If they have designed a particular application months before, is it possible to modify chat SDK differently? The answer to this question is yes.

As your company grows and the number of members continues to increase, you have the flexibility of increasing the number of people that can use your application. Chat SDK enables those that create apps to handle daily users with ease. Therefore, if you need something that you can expand upon later on as your ideas change, you should certainly consider this open-source platform to create your app.

Overall, chat SDK is an excellent open-source platform that you can use to create your very own application. So, whether you make an app that will allow your users to chat back and forth, share files, or meet within a group setting, all of this is possible. Find out more today about this exceptional software development kit.

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