Why Music Journalism Matters in 2024 / Music News // Drowned In Sound

You might have noticed that Drowned in Sound has been on a reflective pause since 2019.

We’ve been pondering and perfecting what a fully rejuvenated DiS would look like in the years to come. The good news? We’re so (slowly coming) back!

While we’re still shaping our grand revival for 2024/25, we’re thrilled to add to our much-loved podcast and independent label releases, a brand-new newsletter.

Starting now, expect a weekly dose of DiS in your emails.

There will be a monthly pile of music recommendations in your inbox. Alongside new essays and an internet digest of things to see, read and hear.

The newsletter, available on our revamped site, will feature two free editions per month (including one packed with must-hear music) and two exclusive editions for our valued supporters.

Each month, we’ll also showcase a guest essay alongside an extended piece by me – Sean Adams, founder of Drowned in Sound, at your service since October 2000.

Our vision? To commission 50 thought-provoking essays and articles next year, while continuously enhancing our podcast.

Then what? We might even dive into the world of print magazines, as we sense the “vinyl moment” for journals is just around the corner.

Sign up at drownedinsound.org and browse some of our recent bits and bobs.


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