10 Ways To Improve Your Social Media

1) Post Interesting Posts

Making your posts interesting is the most important thing about social media. Be creative. Have a sense of humor or look for visual things around you that show interesting aspects or interests in your life. If you do singing videos, make sure you look and sound as polished as they can be, without sounding like they were auto-tuned or recorded in a million dollar studio. People want to experience the real you.

2) Ask Your Followers For Their Opinion

Having lots of followers is important but one of the things that people in the industry look for is the “follower to engagement ratio”, or basically the amount of engagement that is happening on your posts from your fanbase. One of the best ways to promote engagement is to think in questions. When you post something, ask a question relevant to the post. For example, if you post a cover song by a trending artist, also ask your followers what their favorite song is by that artist.

3) Streamline Your Content

A great way to keep your followers focused is to streamline your posts. Generally, two or three main themes to your account is a good rule. Of course for most of you reading this blog, music will be one theme, but having another general interest that’s important to you is a good way to let your followers know more about who you are as a person. Maybe you love dogs, or you’re into fitness. Having a secondary focus on your account is a great way to cross promote to another audience.

4) Do More “Live” Posts

With Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Music.ly offering live posts, you can catch people’s attention with more of them. In addition, people are more inclined to engage when it’s in real time. You can schedule these events in advance and promote them on your regular feed as well.

5) Do Covers That Are Trending

Keeping up with songs that are trending are a great way to stay relevant. People will be curious to hear your version of a song that they are currently obsessing over. Always hashtag your song and the artist because most people are browsing current hashtags.

6) Use More Popular Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to reach new people but you should always check to see how many people have used certain hashtags. I recommend creating a solid list in your notes that you can copy and paste into your posts. Saves time and you only have to do the research once and update it occasionally.

7) Post At Optimal Times

What day and time you post matters. Most people in North America are on social media a couple of times a day- usually in the morning and afternoons, and then again at night. Schedule accordingly for maximum exposure.

8) Increase Your Posting Frequency

Posting too much can annoy followers and send them running for the unfollow button. Posting too little will dramatically slow your fanbase. Usually once a day is standard with twice a day to promote something special like a new cover or original song.

9) Link To Your Best Content

Always mention the link that you want people to check out in your post. For example, on Instagram you’ll want to mention the “link in bio” to your full length cover on YouTube of the song you’re posting.

10) Promote A Cause

Showing you’re human is an important part of gaining fans. Nobody wants to follow some narcissistic bozo that only posts about themselves and what they’re doing. Showing you’re a good human can go a long way. If you have a cause or a charity that you think is important, mention it and tell people how to get involved.

Post Author: BackSpin Chief Editor

We are the editorial staff at BackSpin Records. We love music, technology, and other interesting things!