Audio-Technica announces its AT2040USB Hypercardioid Dynamic USB Microphone

With an onslaught of live streamers and creators, Audio-Technica knows that good sound is just as important as interesting content and high-quality video. I would argue that outstanding audio is far more critical than video, but I digress. This microphone, the AT2040USB Hypercardioid Dynamic USB Microphone, combines the broadcast-quality performance of the AT2040 dynamic microphone […]

Try out NocoDB–open source low code database backed application development in Gitpod workspace – AMIS, Data Driven Blog

0 0 Read Time:2 Minute, 7 Second That is a long title. In this article, I introduce a Gitpod workspace (cloud based ephemeral development environment) in which you can try out NocoDB – an open source low code application development platform. This is an overview of the workspace: Note: Gitpod is a web service for […]

Brave Search now uses its own index, jettison’s Bing indexing

Brave Search has made a significant move to complete independence this week by finally jettisoning Bing indexing. Brave browser has been around for some time now, and the company has been hard at work developing its own search engine, Brave Search. Find out more about the differences between search engines and browsers here. Estimated reading […]

Graph Database style explorations of relational database with Formula One data– Oracle Database 23c Property Graph – AMIS, Data Driven Blog

0 0 Read Time:3 Minute, 33 Second The core Formula One data could be represented in a graph like this: Drivers compete in races that are hosted on circuits. A result is achieved by the driver (position and points for the championship). If this is the graph, some questions can easily be answered: With whom […]

YouTube is offering more features to Premium members

YouTube Premium has been available for some time. If you’re constantly watching YouTube, this is a fantastic service. Over and above YouTube, some features subscribers get include an ad-free experience, offline and background play, and uninterrupted music. YouTube is introducing five new features for current and new Premium subscribers. Estimated reading time: 2 minutes The […]