Databases Migrating Oracle Enterprise Edition database To Standard Edition using Transportable Tablespaces – AMIS, Data Driven Blog

Introduction Oracle database Standard Edition (SE)  has the main features of a RDBMS database and cost significantly less than Oracle Enterprise Edition (EE). Migrating a database from Oracle Enterprise Edition  to Standard Edition can be a consideration ifthe Enterprise Edition options or features are not used (or not required) in the current database. A query […]

Big Ten Blame – Stratechery by Ben Thompson

Penn State has always been a usurper, at least to me. In 1984 the Supreme Court ruled that the NCAA’s attempt to control individual universities’ college football TV rights was an illegal restraint on trade; while the lawsuit was instigated by the University of Oklahoma, it was conferences that were the biggest beneficiary, as it […]

Music piano keyboard

How Technology Has Changed Music

Songs have been developing as well as transforming for countless years, each time culture adjustments, so does music Music is how we reveal ourselves, it gives us a voice as well as a retreat. It’s a part of people, so it makes good sense that it alters as we do. However, in recent years, the […]

How Technology has Changed and Affected Music

When you’re being in the park paying attention to songs on your cordless audio speaker, you’re possibly also hectic taking pleasure in the ambiance to preach on the scientific research as well as advancement that brought songs as well as technology/innovation to where it is today. When going down a brand-new track essentially suggested going […]

Make music on computer with software

How to Make Music on Computer for Beginners

Recently, house recording on 4 as well as 8 track video cassette recorder can generate practical demonstrations. A topic on how to make music on computer was not even a thing. Workshop top quality recording, blending as well as understanding, were just within of those that had the cash to hire a specialist that had […]