Sound of Freedom home entertainment launch dates announced

Sound of Freedom can certainly be considered the surprise movie hit of 2023. The movie was originally owned by Disney but was shelved in 2018 but then sold and released by Angel Studios. The film made over $216 million worldwide on a budget of around $14 million, crazy impressive. See our coverage here. Estimated reading […]

The Endless Hum #8: The Beehive, Shipley

Thee Alcoholics | Polevaulter | Garbage Pail Kids The Endless Hum, Shipley 23rd September 2023 The Endless Hum brings Thee Alcoholics, Polevaulter and Garbage Pail Kids to Shipley. Andy Brown shares his thoughts for Louder Than War. Organised by a collective of music promoters and like-minded creatives, The Endless Hum is an ongoing series of […]

Lithia feels “Glorified” – EARMILK

Emerging Chicago-based singer/songwriter Sylvia Vaser and her band Lithia delivers their single “Glorified” with much gusto. The singer is currently working on her self-recorded debut LP under the Lithia moniker and in the interim, she gives listeners something refreshing and gripping in the form of this anthemic and cinematic track which sees her fusing elements […]

Disney’s Taylor Swift Era – Stratechery by Ben Thompson

Bill Simmons had a quick aside about Taylor Swift on the most recent episode of his eponymous podcast. I have never seen anything like the phenomenon around this concert tour, and I have been alive for all the concert tours since the mid-70s…from a cultural standpoint, from a multi-generation standpoint: fathers and daughters, daughters and […]

5 Reasons Why You’re NOT Going To Make It As A Music Artist

1) You Don’t Believe You Can Be Successful Anything is achievable to the person that is committed enough. 99.99% are not willing to do what they need to do to become successful because they don’t believe in themselves. You need to have an unwavering conviction that you will confront, figure out, and go through any […]

DiS Picks Its Best 11 / In Depth // Drowned In Sound

May being the month of showcase events, DiS headed over to the city of Aarhus in Denmark for SPOT Festival. Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, SPOT has firmly established itself as one of the leading events of its kind. Attracting a global audience of fans and delegates along with an array of the best […]

Nick Yates and Gerry Bull Launch How Good

Music industry veterans Nick Yates and Gerry Bull press the button on How Good, a new, multi-service enterprise active across music, culture, brands and the arts. Unveiled Thursday, Aug. 10, How Good pools the experience and networks of Yates, the long-time senior artist manager and head of artist management at UNIFIED Music Group, and Bull, […]