Soaky Siren wants to know the “Price”

Bahamian singer and rapper Soaky Siren returns with “Price” which serves as her second single from her EP Xanadu. Born and raised in the Bahamas, Siren has been tearing into the Los Angeles music scene with her fierce, kinetic sound and style. Her latest track is a vibrant, unapologetic anthem for the woman that she is, […]

10 Ways To Improve Your Social Media

1) Post Interesting Posts Making your posts interesting is the most important thing about social media. Be creative. Have a sense of humor or look for visual things around you that show interesting aspects or interests in your life. If you do singing videos, make sure you look and sound as polished as they can […]

YouTube Music’s Helen Marquis Talks Programming, Playlists and More

YouTube doesn’t crash the headlines like its competition. Unlike Spotify, its origin story isn’t trending on Netflix. And its founders don’t cast a spell over the mainstream quite like Apple’s late maestro Steve Jobs. That’s fine with the streaming giant and its executive team. In September 2022, Lyor Cohen, global head of music at YouTube […]

Listening to the Music the Machines Make by Richard Evans

Listening to the Music the Machines Make by Richard Evans Out now on Omnibus Press November 2022 saw the release of ‘Listening to the Music the Machines Make’ written by Richard Evans. This substantial tome traces the revolution of electronic music from key years 1978, through to 1983. Pulled together from archive press materials, quotes […]

Jonah Kagen delivers emotive debut EP ‘georgia got colder’

Georgia-raised musician Jonah Kagen delivers emotive seven-track debut EP georgia got colder, rooted in his signature acoustic-led soundscape and thoughtful song writing meant to bring comfort to anyone listening. Striking a balance between the familiarity of previous releases like “barcelona,” “hill that I’ll die on”, “graveyard shift,” as well as hit debut number “broken,” the EP […]

Westside Gunn Drops New Visual For ‘Super Kick Party’

Westside Gunn has released a new music video for “Super Kick Party” off his latest mixtape 10, and it features an appearance from Eastside Flip. The video, directed by Daily Gems, was released on Wednesday (January 4) and opens with Flip, Gunn and others hanging by the giant “Keep Buffalo A Secret Mural” on Main […]

The Importance Of Resilience |

The Importance Of Resilience I was originally thinking about calling this post “Dealing With Rejection” but after putting some thought into it, I decided that it was reactive instead of proactive. And being proactive is what success is all about. More on that later. But first, let’s get metaphysical. Regardless of your religious or spiritual […]

Behani Considers New Dimensions

It mightn’t be officially released until January, but Behani’s new single, “Real Man”, a collaboration with US singer-songwriter and producer Ne-Yo, has already hit the number two spot on the Australian Shazam charts. The follow-up to her debut single, “Let Me Know”, also went to number one on the Shazam chart in Brisbane and number […]

Love and Rockets The Albums 1985-1996 : album review

Now specialising solely in the reissuing of their vast and highly impressive back catalogue across a variety of formats and packaging Beggars Arkive have served up a lavish dessert with Love and Rockets The Albums 1985-1996. Clearly a no expense spared exercise to bring this often-overlooked jewel in their crown back from vinyl wilderness.Utilising the […]