OnePlus announces partnership with Pixelworks on the OnePlus 12

Global technology company OnePlus has announced that it has partnered with Pixelworks, the leading provider of visual processing solutions, to include the Pixelworks X7 Independent Visual Processor along with the company’s IRX gaming experience on the upcoming OnePlus 12. The inclusion of the X7 will enable the OnePlus 12 to give full play to OnePlus’ […]

More than meets the eye

Ah, gaming laptops. The pleasure of transporting a smaller gaming PC in your backpack or shoulder bag. Take it out whenever you want to pass the time while waiting for your vehicle’s oil to be changed or to create a few brief gaming clips from last night’s gaming session while having lunch at your favorite […]

How to enable Oracle Database Azure AD authentication – AMIS Technology Blog | Oracle

As of Oracle database release update 19.18 a new authentication method was made available utilizing Azure AD (Entry ID as its named by Microsoft recently) Oauth tokens. Using this method has the advantage of centralized authentication and authorization management and improving password management at the database. This article will describe how to get started with […]

Regretful Accelerationism – Stratechery by Ben Thompson

Ready Player One, the book that was issued to every new Oculus employee once upon a time, describes its world in a way that was perhaps edgy in 2011 but seems rather cliché today: “You’re probably wondering what happened before you got here. An awful lot of stuff, actually. Once we evolved into humans, things […]

The Anniversary Celebration gets free Holiday Content Update

Released about a year ago, the Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration retro classic game compilation is getting a free Holiday Content Update. Estimated reading time: 2 minutes In case you missed it, the Anniversary Celebration blends classic video games from eight Atari hardware platforms with videos which examine the start and growth of the company. […]