Cyber war could be approaching; are you ready?

The past few years have brought us some frightening and unprecedented circumstances which most of us have felt unprepared to handle. From the pandemic to massive inflation and then a war that threatens to engage the whole world, we’ve seen crisis after crisis at a seemingly heightened rate, and it seems unclear at best as […]

Build JHipster application for and Run on Docker or Podman – AMIS, Data Driven Blog

For the Open Day we organize shortly for our family, friends, neighbours and other interested parties, my colleagues create a custom web application to support our QR Scavenger Hunt through the offices and surrounding premises. This (progressive) web application is created using JHipster – leveraging Java, Angular, Spring, PostgreSQL and many more libraries and frameworks. […]

Victrola announces Re-Spin suitcase record player

Victrola has been making record players for a long time, and they are still at it. The company today announced its Re-Spin suitcase record player, which comes in four colors and is priced at US$99.99. From manufacturing to design and acoustics, the classic “suitcase” record player design was re-imagined and developed with “eco-conscious vinyl fans” […]

Recent Installing Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS, Visual Studio Code and Node.js on a virtual machine using Vagrant and Oracle VirtualBox – AMIS, Data Driven Blog

For a TypeScript training, I needed an environment with Visual Studio Code and Node.js (a JavaScript runtime). On my Windows laptop, I wanted to create an environment with Ubuntu as guest Operating System, Visual Studio Code and Node.js available within an Oracle VirtualBox appliance. In my previous article, I shared with you the steps I […]

A worthy Wear OS competitor

It’s been a few years since I’ve had my hands on a Mobvoi watch or even a Wear OS watch, now that I think of it. Android watches have come a long way, and Wear OS has matured and grown into a usable and enjoyable interface. The Mobvoi TicWatch E3 is another Wear OS device […]

LegitWap – Best Hip Hop Mp3 Download Website

LegitWap Music is an audio Mp3 Download and Mp4 music video free website for Users across the globe looking for trending hip hop music audio files and video files from their favorite artists. The mp3 music Website, LegitWap, provides a user-friendly and trusted free music source this free music site ranks high among other good […]

Databases Migrating Oracle Enterprise Edition database To Standard Edition using Transportable Tablespaces – AMIS, Data Driven Blog

Introduction Oracle database Standard Edition (SE)  has the main features of a RDBMS database and cost significantly less than Oracle Enterprise Edition (EE). Migrating a database from Oracle Enterprise Edition  to Standard Edition can be a consideration ifthe Enterprise Edition options or features are not used (or not required) in the current database. A query […]

Big Ten Blame – Stratechery by Ben Thompson

Penn State has always been a usurper, at least to me. In 1984 the Supreme Court ruled that the NCAA’s attempt to control individual universities’ college football TV rights was an illegal restraint on trade; while the lawsuit was instigated by the University of Oklahoma, it was conferences that were the biggest beneficiary, as it […]