Creating custom notification banners in OpenShift – AMIS, Data Driven Blog

0 0 You can customize the OpenShift Container Platform web console to set a custom logo, product name, links, notifications, and command line downloads. This is especially helpful if you need to tailor the web console to meet specific corporate or government requirements. You must have administrator privileges Procedure for Custom Notification Banners Login to […]

AI and the Big Five – Stratechery by Ben Thompson

The story of 2022 was the emergence of AI, first with image generation models, including DALL-E, MidJourney, and the open source Stable Diffusion, and then ChatGPT, the first text-generation model to break through in a major way. It seems clear to me that this is a new epoch in technology. To determine how that epoch […]

[CES 2023] JBL expands Quantum Series gaming headsets for Xbox and PlayStation

The JBL Quantum Series gaming headsets aren’t new, and we’ve reviewed a couple here at Techaeris and were suitably impressed. At CES last week, the company announced that they were expanding the Quantum Series gaming headset line-up with new models for both Xbox and PlayStation consoles. JBL also announced a true wireless earbuds version for […]

But this can’t be the final album

Stryper has been rocking since the early ’80s. Before they were known as Stryper, they were Roxx Regime. In 1983 they changed their name to Stryper, and in 1984 they released The Yellow and Black Attack. Nearly thirty years later, the band is still rocking with its latest album, The Final Battle. Estimated reading time: […]

Quickest way to run a container on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: container instances – AMIS, Data Driven Blog

0 0 Read Time:8 Minute, 6 Second Container Instances on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure are VM based environments that can be leveraged as “serverless” container runtimes. Once a container instance has been defined – which is a very simple, rapid procedure – we can specify the container images (OCI – open container initiative – compliant) for […]

Consoles and Competition – Stratechery by Ben Thompson

The first video game was a 1952 research product called OXO — tic-tac-toe played on a computer the size of a large room: Copyright Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, CC BY 2.0 Fifteen years later Ralph Baer produced “The Brown Box”; Magnavox licensed Baer’s device and released it as the Odyssey five years later — […]

How to build an app for your business

You are utilizing your website and social media to find and engage with new customers. While these are great for growing your business, developing an app and releasing it to the public is a one-stop tool for your customers. They can learn more about you and shop your online store from the convenience of their […]