Alexis de la Rocha shares transformative new single “Haze” [Video]

Los Angeles born and bred Alexis de la Rocha has just unleashed her latest synth alt pop single and it is a magnetic one. Called “Haze”, the track is the first of the year from this first-generation Latine artist, singer/songwriter and producer.

With “Haze”, Alexis de la Rocha uncovers the difficulty of fighting through depression and the cloudiness of one’s mind in that space. Even though grief, heartache and sadness can hinder our concentration and well being, Alexis de la Rocha encourages us to move through those tough moments and make our way toward healing in the midst of the heaviness. She sings, “it’s not the haze that keeps on creeping in,” knowing full well that the depressive fog is coming but she is ready to fight it and rise above. Musically, “Haze” is a synth lead dreamy affair complete with echoing seductive vocals, pitch-black basslines and layered alluring melodies. Elements of pop, rock and electronic all coincide for a decadent sonic palette. In the accompanying visuals Alexis is seen singing against a shiny and sparkly backdrop contrasting the dark feelings felt inside her for a narrative of things aren’t always as bright and cheerful as they look.

Alexis de la Rocha is a lifelong musician, performer and creative who is best known as the front woman for acclaimed experimental band BEATMO, which formed in 2006. With her solo project, she is influenced by fantasy, goth fashion,1980s synthesizers, mental health struggles and her important job as a mother. “Haze” is an autobiographical and introspective synth pop banger that is a must add to any playlist. Take a listen to the new single now and remember to make your way out of the fog.

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