Cassia and Kawala join forces on eclectic anthem “Circular Motion”

Macclesfield band Cassia teams up with indie pop act Kawala on eclectic anthem “Circular Motion,” taken from the band’s upcoming EP Home Soon…Rooted in themes of life’s cycles, the track comes alive with an upbeat vibe delving into taking the road less travelled and emerging with a new perspective.

Built on rhythmic yet understated sonics with bright harmonies, the feel-good track captures abundant joy within its plucky guitars and playful drums that make for an effortlessly bouncy and blissfully charming melody.

Showcasing a perfect blend of both act’s distinct artistry, the track is sunny and optimistic on each note as it allows you to breeze past tough times into a brighter, warmer world.

The track is accompanied by uplifting visuals led by a tongue-in-cheek approach to band rivalry. With chaos and competition swirling around, the track celebrates the idea of supporting each other.

Speaking of the video, they say, “We filmed the video in a small apartment in London and coming up the stairs got greeted by two life size cutouts of us. Did a fighting scene with Jim from Kawala about butter in the Jam jar. It got so out of hand that at some point we were like “are we still fighting over the jam?” Don’t think we’ve ever had so much fun at a shoot and can only recommend making music videos with your mates!”

Offering an intriguing glimpse of the versatile sonic collage that awaits us on their new EP, Cassia continue to hone their song writing talent and tease exciting new sounds.

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