Dame Dash Reads Children’s Book At Virginia School

Dame Dash has gotten the stamp of approval from a group of early elementary school students after introducing them to a children’s book inspired by his son.

On Friday (February 24), Dash and fiancée Raquel M. Horn made an appearance at Carver Elementary School in Richmond, Virginia. While there, the couple read Horn’s Dusko Goes To Space, a kids’ book released by Damon Dash Studios in May 2022.

According to local CBS affiliate WTVR, the two also shared affirmations to help the group of kindergarten, first and second grade students become more confident readers and learners. Dame Dash told the station that part of the motivation behind the book was to inspire children by using topics they already love to make school more fun.

“If a kid loves video games, when teaching use video games,” he explained. “For a kid who loves space, we will teach him in space. He loves music, he loves acting, whatever it is, you know, we’re gonna teach them in their language.”

Per the book’s description on Amazon, Dusko Goes To Space follows a little boy as he turns a cardboard box into a spaceship and heads on an educational adventure with his French bulldog, Governor. The main character is named after Damon Dash and Raquel M. Horn’s two year old.

While his partner forays into the world of children’s literature, Dash has continued to expand his footprint in the film world.

His latest film Stoned — released to Peacock and TUBI in 2022 — sees two friends from opposite sides of life partner up on a mission to help each other grow and, of course, find weed. The film has all the necessary components to become the next 4/20 cult classic, paying homage to all the classic stoner films that preceded it.

In a recent interview with HipHopDX, Dame spoke about shooting the film in less than a week on Kanye West’s ranch in Wyoming after promising the project’s star, newcomer Lucien Watson, that he would put him in a film.

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“So I had a script that I was developing that I wanted to shoot during COVID,” Dame told DX.  “When I was at Kanye’s ranch,  I was kicking it with Lucien and his man and I just found them to be naturally funny. I’m a funny guy so if you can make me laugh regularly and consistently, then you have something. Kanye has a lot of things going on creatively so sometimes it might look like it’s chaos.”

He continued: “There were things that I wasn’t going to be involved in. So while I didn’t have so much to do, I was inspired by all the creativity to be creative.  Kanye actually flew out my crew on a private jet and our intention was to do a lot of things and we ended up shooting a movie. Imagine having a younger brother who’s a billionaire. I was like, “I’m using all this shit.”

While Stoned celebrates stoner culture, both Dash also told DX that he is interested in making sure that up-and-coming Black entrepreneurs have equity in the exploding cannabis industry.

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