Dan Hochman contemplates relationships in “Pain Of An Almost”

Colorado based singer-songwriter and musician extraordinaire Dan Hochman has shared the highlight off of his latest album. The single entitled “Pain Of An Almost” is deeply emotive and poignant exploring an important relationship in his own life.

With “Pain Of An Almost”, Dan Hochman looks back at a past love, one whom he loved and cherished so dearly. Even though the love and connection was profound, the relationship fell apart and the two parted ways. At the edge of near death experience and hitting rock bottom, the song was born. Lyrics including “It’s the pain of an almost / better luck next time / and darling we tried /we tried, we tried / but we ran out of time,” show the extent of the heartbreak. The song was healing to Dan and he hopes it is to others going through a similar situation. Musically, “Pain Of An Almost” features delicate acoustic guitars, bittersweet melodies and soulful vocals for a cathartic listen. Dan effortlessly fuses elements ofof blues, folk, and soul on this important moving on lullabye.

Dan Hochman first began sharing music in 2020 with his debut EP. Since then, the artist has performed his intoxicating songs live to eager audiences. His single “Pain Of An Almost” is off of his just released album Shadow Blues. Take a listen to Dan Hochman’s new song now and follow the riser on social media.

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