Dub Sonata shares a vibrant rhythms for latest album “Nights In Cuba Revisited”

New York-based artist Dub Sonata delivers his latest release, “Nights In Cuba Revisited.” This genre-defying album, infused with the rich sounds of upright bass, trumpet, saxophone, flute, grand piano, acoustic guitar, various percussion, and captivating scratches by Scram Jones, invites listeners to embrace the essence of Cuba like never before.

Inspired by a serendipitous encounter during a trip to Cuba in 2010, Dub Sonata unearthed a crate of records that would later shape the foundation of this remarkable project. Fast forward to 2022, Dub embarked on a nostalgic expedition, returning to the Caribbean island nation armed with a camera, eager to reconnect with old friends, musicians, and record dealers.

“Nights In Cuba Revisited” captures the essence of Cuba’s vibrant music scene, fusing traditional elements with modern sensibilities. From the rhythmic energy of “Radio Rebelde” to the soulful contemplation of “Ron Y Cigarillos,” each track immerses listeners in the passionate spirit of Cuban culture. The album’s evocative journey continues with the melodic interludes of “Vinetas” and the rhythmic tapestry of “Matanzas.” Finally, the experience culminates in the electrifying finale of “Terremoto,” leaving audiences craving more.

Dub Sonata’s mastery in blending diverse musical elements shines through in “Nights In Cuba Revisited,” creating a mesmerizing sonic landscape that transports listeners to the heart of Havana. The album captures the essence of the city’s vibrant streets, showcasing the interplay between tradition and innovation in Cuban music.

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