Entry Level Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Coaching For Music Artists

I’ve recently taken on a limited number of coaching clients in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. 

The music industry has taken a turn in the direction of giving artists more power than they’ve ever had in the past. Learning your way around finances, and specifically through crypto currency and Bitcoin, is the future for independent music artists – and many other businesses. Not only can you create a revenue stream that can help you fund your music ambitions, but you might be able to get rich doing it. 

In the past several years, I’ve been researching, investing, and learning from some of the most successful people in the crypto space, and finance in general. Although most people don’t get into music for the money (there are far easier ways to make money), sooner or later they are confronted with the reality that money is necessary to make more money- no matter what business you’re in. 

AHM Media has been helping artists build the foundations of their careers through music production and artist development for almost 20 years. So it only seems fitting that some financial education about what is shaping up to be the biggest opportunity since Apple, Google, and Amazon started, would be good information for aspiring music artists. You may be able to turn $500 into $5000, $5000 into $50,000, $50,000 into $500,000…or all of the above…with some knowledge about this new technology. 

So for a limited time, I’m dedicating some additional time to coaching a select number of clients about how to get started in what could be a life changing opportunity, and how to allocate those resources to your music career, without going broke in the process. These coaching sessions will discuss how to get stared, and how to navigate Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies safely and intelligently, so you can capitalize on this technology in your future. If you’re interested, send me an email at ahouton@alexhouton.com with COACHING in the subject line for more information.

Post Author: BackSpin Chief Editor

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