Jacklen Ro share first glimpse of LP ‘Sunshine I’m Counting On You’ with title track

Los Angeles queer, indie rock duo Jacklen Ro share the first glimpse of their debut LP Sunshine I’m Counting On You  with title track “Sunshine I’m Counting On You,” with a pleasing instrumentation and soft, layered vocals which make for a blissful and vibrant atmosphere.

With a hopeful message that perfectly matches the feel-good vibe of the track, the pair seek to remind us to trust in the good and have faith that light will come at our darkest times. Striking a perfect balance between being haunting and soothing, the track encapsulates the comfort of knowing you have someone who’ll always be there for you.

A love song infused with romanticism but self-love as well, “Sunshine I’m Counting On You,” is all about getting yourself through the bad moments and having something to look forward to at the end of it all.

The track is accompanied a DIY music video, produced and directed by their bassist and edited by their drummer.

Speaking of the idea behind the visuals, the duo explain, “Making the video about trying to survive vampires came from the line ‘sunshine I’m counting on you,’ as in the sun will kill the vampires.”

Describing themselves as “love bugs who want to spread it all around,” Jacklen Ro consisting of Jackie Giroux and Caelen Perkins have built up a simple yet sweet artistry carried by melodic vocal lines and charming energy rooted in young love and angst, bringing us into a world built upon intimate yet relatable themes.

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