Jonah Kagen delivers emotive debut EP ‘georgia got colder’

Georgia-raised musician Jonah Kagen delivers emotive seven-track debut EP georgia got colder, rooted in his signature acoustic-led soundscape and thoughtful song writing meant to bring comfort to anyone listening.

Striking a balance between the familiarity of previous releases like “barcelona,” “hill that I’ll die on”, “graveyard shift,” as well as hit debut number “broken,” the EP also weaves freshness into the mix with three new tracks “georgia,” “colorado” and “chemicals.”

Encapsulating heartfelt emotions from various phases of his own life, the production moves through everything from missing someone to being there for a person and wanting someone else to be there for you, framed by infectious energy and plenty of sincerity.

Having taken up guitar at the age of six before tapping into the power and versatility of an acoustic guitar, Kagen accelerates the rising star status that he set for himself with his debut track on his latest production which has been crafted to be intimate yet resonate with listeners.

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