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In September I announced Sharp Tech and Stratechery Plus:

I am very pleased to announce the latest addition to the Stratechery Plus bundle: Sharp China with Sinocism’s Bill Bishop:

Sharp China with Sinocism's Bill Bishop

Sharp China with Sinocism’s Bill Bishop is a collaboration between Stratechery and Sinocism. Sharp China is, like Sharp Tech, hosted by Andrew Sharp;1 just as Sharp Tech seeks to provide a better understanding of the tech industry through an engaging and approachable conversational format, Sharp China seeks to do the same with everything China-related, and there is no better person to provide this understanding than Sinocism’s Bill Bishop.

Bill Bishop is an entrepreneur and former media executive with more than a decade’s experience living and working in China. Since leaving Beijing in 2015, he has lived in Washington DC. Bishop previously wrote the Axios China weekly newsletter and the China Insider column for the New York Times Dealbook and, in the late 1990s, co-founded

Bishop founded Sinocism in 2012 to provide investors, policymakers, executives, analysts, diplomats, journalists, scholars and others a comprehensive overview of what is happening in China; Bishop reads Chinese fluently, and provides summaries of reports from not just the U.S. but China as well. I personally find Sinocism essential, but what I have always hoped for were more of Bishop’s opinions on the news: I’m excited that Sharp China will give him room for just that.

While Sharp China launched in beta last week for Stratechery Plus and Sinocism subscribers, today we are announcing it to everyone, and making the latest episode about The State of Dynamic Zero-COVID free to listen to. In addition, you can listen to excerpts from the first two shows.

To add the show to your podcast player, please log in to your member account, or listen in Spotify. Sharp China will publish most weeks going forward. You can also email questions for Bill to; I’ve been really pleased with the mailbag segments of Sharp Tech, and I look forward to listening to them on Sharp China as well.2

Once again, to receive every episode of Sharp China, along with Stratechery Updates and Interviews, Sharp Tech, and Dithering, subscribe to Stratechery Plus. I look forward to continuing to make your subscription more valuable.

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