TakeOff Tribute Tattoo Sets Guinness World Record

TakeOff has been honored by many people in more ways that one since his untimely death, but one tattoo artist and a group of his peers have taken their love and admiration for the fallen Migos member to the next level.

Per the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, tattoo artist J.R. Outlaw and other fellow artists at Atlanta tattoo locations, including Atlanta Ink, Iron Palm Tattoos & Body Piercing, and Pèse Noir utilized a 79-foot piece of silicone skin to create a mural honoring the late Atlanta rap star. The mural itself features Takeoff rocking a spacesuit in brown, orange, and green colors.

Because of its size, the mural of TakeOff was recently recognized by the Guinness World Records as the largest tattoo artwork in the world.

“I think Takeoff was just a big influence in the city and the culture of Atlanta, like in general,” Outlaw told the aforementioned outlet. “It was really the whole group. They made a real lasting impact on the city, so we just wanted to do something to memorialize him, and that’s really what it was about.”

Check out footage of the tattoo below:

Offset paid tribute to Take with a massive tattoo of his own in April.

He debuted his new ink via Instagram at the time, showing off the large piece covering his entire back.

“Love you 4L & after,” he captioned the post.

Quavo & Offset Link Up For TakeOff’s Birthday In First Public Appearance Since Grammys

Quavo & Offset Link Up For TakeOff’s Birthday In First Public Appearance Since Grammys

In related news, Offset crowned Migos as “the greatest group to ever touch the mic” after he and Quavo reunited for the 2023 BET Awards to honor TakeOff on June 25.

“The BET performance was iconic man,” a noticeably happy Set said via a previous Instagram live. “It cleared my soul. Me and my brother Qua, we put that together within 16 hours. Like 15 hours. We land from Paris like at 9pm and go straight to work to figure out how we gon’ put the show together man.”

“We do that because we some real stars. We do that. We do this music. We the greatest group to ever touch the mic. RIP my brother Take. We did it for my brother Take.”

He continued: “Me and Qua stood tall, brother to brother. You dig what I’m saying? And I appreciate everybody for supporting, man. It was a movie, it was a vibe. We needed that for the culture. And yeah, that’s how we coming! We did that in 16 hours though! Like real professionals. Real professionals. Went out there, 16 hours, didn’t sleep, locked in on the visual. Me and Qua sat down, locked in on the visuals, locked in on the position of the stage, the lighting, everything as a unit.”

“And you know, when you put the three heads together, it’s always gon’ be cinematic. It’s always gon’ be the truth. It’s always gon’ be Godly. Thank God for that moment. And like I said, RIP to Take. Y’all know how we coming about my brother. And we did it for Take. And we still don’t take. That’s our legacy. Migos forever. The greatest group to ever do it.”

TakeOff was shot and killed in Houston in 2022. He was 28 years old.

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