Tom Rasmussen is grabbing attention with “Look At Me”

Tom Rasmussen has made a triumphant return to the music scene with a captivating and contagious new single titled “Look At Me,” which is taken from their brand new album ‘Body Building.’

This signature track is a seamless fusion of pounding drums, infectious piano chords, and heavenly backing vocals that collectively form a sonic tapestry of unrivalled beauty. Rasmussen’s lead vocals are simply irresistible, working in perfect harmony with the tongue-in-cheek lyrics to create a captivating and memorable listening experience. “Look At Me” is undoubtedly a dance-worthy track with a house influence, but it transcends genre boundaries with its innovative, disco sound and anthemic chorus that’ll have you singing in your sleep.

Speaking about the new album “Body Building”, they share: “Body Building is the culmination of a decade thinking about what it means to be different to other people, but in a way so many people have felt too. It’s about grieving a part of you that has been taken by others, it’s about escaping violence, it’s about accepting — and attempting to thrive in — reality and not simply fantasy. It is the last time I want to talk about all the violence I’ve experienced in my life as a queer femme person. But never say never. It is dedicated to queer people and trans people everywhere.”

Tom’s expansive professional portfolio is a testament to their versatility, having worked in the dynamic worlds of fashion, publishing, and television. Despite their successes in these industries, Tom’s musical aspirations have also come to fruition with the release of their debut single “Fantasy Island Obsession,” which was met with critical acclaim.

Building on this success, Tom’s subsequent singles have been an eclectic mix, showcasing their prowess in various musical styles. From the poignant and stripped-back piano ballad “Joy” (Live) to the upbeat and buoyant “Fabulous Opera,” Tom’s artistry and creativity are evident in every release. Recently, Tom has outdone themself with the release of “Dysphoria,” a captivating cut of alternative dance-pop that features their captivating vocal performance. As if this weren’t enough, Tom has also made waves in the live music scene, sharing the stage with Rina Sawayama on her UK & Ireland tour and delivering an electrifying performance that left audiences spellbound. With such an impressive array of accomplishments under their belt, there is no doubt that Tom Rasmussen is a multifaceted artist who is poised for continued success in the music industry.

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