Westside Gunn Drops New Visual For ‘Super Kick Party’

Westside Gunn has released a new music video for “Super Kick Party” off his latest mixtape 10, and it features an appearance from Eastside Flip.

The video, directed by Daily Gems, was released on Wednesday (January 4) and opens with Flip, Gunn and others hanging by the giant “Keep Buffalo A Secret Mural” on Main Street in the Griselda Records leader’s hometown.

As the video kicks off, Flip starts dancing in his wheelchair and moving along to the Conductor Williams-produced beat. At the end of the song, Flip also delivers a freestyle over a song playing in a car parked nearby.

Check out the video for “Super Kick Party” below:

Sharing a link to the video on Twitter, Westside Gunn believes “Super Kick Party” is “video of the year.”

“‘SUPER KICK PARTY’ off the masterpiece album ’10’ prod by @conductorwilliams starring the invincible Eastside FLIP to see this krazy MF in his element is legendary, we’re gonna start this year off w/domination @GriseldaRecords,” he wrote alongside the clip.

Meanwhile, Gunn took to Twitter last week to reveal that Eastside Flip underwent a severe health scare after the Buffalo street legend overdosed but survived. Video footage showed Flip unconscious on the ground while firefighters attempted to resuscitate him.

“Flip OD’d on the Block, took to the hospital brought back to life, was released,” Gunn wrote. “Then got locked up and already out since last night #LEGEND #EASTSIDEBUFFALOSHIT.”

He spoke more about trying to get Flip clean in a series of tweets and stating it’s a difficult when the person doesn’t want to do it.

“Oh yea and let me say this too for u stupid MFs that wanna bother me on NYE, FLIP is MY homie y’all don’t know him or his situation,” Gunn tweeted. “So all of that why don’t u help him shit don’t u think I try and help that man every single chance I get I’m one of the only ones that help him.”

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He added: “Y’all must don’t know real addicts bc it’s not that easy, I been dealing with addicts my entire life, I got flip cleaned up took him 2 Miami for Basel & he got locked up the same day, he’s really like that a real gangsta before he was in the chair he would rob every last 1ofyall.

“So I show him he gets love all over the world he can change his life but he’s only gonna do it IF HE WANTS TO DO IT u can’t force them know matter how much u get them cleaned they have to want it & 1day inshallah it will click that’s why y’all have to keep supporting him as well.”

Gunn ended his comments on Flip by stating he loves him and wants nothing but success for his friend.

“I love FLIP and nobody in this world wants him to shine more than me ANY time I’m in Buffalo I pull right up on flip in the hood and hang with him for a min,” Gunn said. “And give him a weeks check and give him good words, plus he has a krazy story to tell, this real EASTSIDE BUFFALO shit.”

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