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How to Promote and Market Your Music

As a musician, getting your music out there for others to listen to is one of the most important things you can do. We create music to share with others and if no one is listening to them, it doesn’t make much sense. We’re going to teach you how to promote and market your music to other people.

Use Social Media the Proper Way

Most of us make use of social media. Instagram and also Twitter these days, it’s almost like you don’t exist if you’re not on Facebook. Nonetheless, you might not be making use of social networks to its full possibility to promote your music.

Social media is NOT a straight-up marketing platform. Here are some examples and lists that you can utilize.

That’s not to claim that conversational messages can’t be advertising! You just require to discover just how to frame the web content in interesting ways. For instance, if you’re in the studio taping a brand-new cd, try sprinkling little updates on social media sites. Tell a story concerning your studio experience that day, share a picture of the mix, or post a brief teaser video clip of a track.

Take images at the places or share brief video clips or images of the target markets if you’re out on tour. These things aren’t undoubtedly marketing, however they still let followers know what’s going on.

It’s crucial to bear in mind, however, that social media isn’t the end-all-be-all when it involves advertising your music. It can easily become a massive time suck that takes you away from your songs if you don’t manage your time effectively (Hint: get social networks time monitoring ideas right here).

2. Promote Your Music as well as Sell it on Your Website

Your site should not be a fixed thing. It must be ever adapting as well as transforming to mirror new occasions in your profession. Primarily, you desire your followers dropping in your website as frequently as possible. The more often they’re on your website, the even more they’re subjected to your albums, merchandise, and tickets.

If you’re just beginning, you most likely do not have a great deal of huge updates aside from the occasional album launch and also scenic tour. Beginning a blog site is an excellent option.

Strategy out blog posts at regular periods like as soon as or twice a week and also share anything you assume your followers would certainly locate intriguing. This can be the ideas behind particular tunes, brand-new lyrical concepts you’re working on, an amusing tale from the last band practice, or even a run-down of the gear you make use of.

Another suggestion is to develop touchdown web pages on your web site. Touchdown web pages can be made use of to collect email addresses, to elevate awareness, to give your followers more info, or to make a sale.

3. Advertise with Email

Your e-mail checklist is an extremely beneficial device to advertise your music. Unlike partnership and blog sites, your e-mail listing is marketing to your current follower base. If somebody enrolled in your email list, they wish to speak with you, so make use of it!

Bear in mind, your emails should be driving your followers to your internet site, so you desire to include web links.

The noticeable usage of an e-mail list is to allow your followers know when you have a cd coming out or a scenic tour. You can additionally use your email checklist to send followers to your blog when you have new web content.

Of training course, you need to get followers to really signup for your emails before you can start using it as a songs promo tool? An easy alternative is to trade something of worth for an e-mail address. Remember this doesn’t need to be a free track (as a matter of fact there are a TON of even more reliable ways to grow your e-mail listing).

Here are 10 simple methods to develop an email listing for your music if you’re not certain where to also begin when it comes to expanding your e-mail checklist.

Your e-mail listing is an exceptionally valuable device to advertise your music. Unlike partnership and blogs, your email checklist is marketing to your current fan base. The noticeable use of an e-mail listing is to let your followers understand when you have an album coming out or a trip. You can additionally utilize your e-mail listing to send out fans to your blog site when you have brand-new material. Of program, you need to get followers to actually signup for your emails before you can begin utilizing it as a songs promo device?

4. Find a Marketing Company

It’s important to find professionals in your field to make sure your music gets delivered to the most of amount of people as possible. One great way is to find a marketing company to help you promote your music and other creatives. For example, for a local business in Fort Lauderdale they may use a Fort Lauderdale SEO company to help them gain rankings in search engines. For artists or music companies, you may utilize a professional music outreach company to help you spread the word about your music.


Whether or not you choose to do marketing, it’s important to get your music out there for the world to hear and enjoy. We hope these tips help you in your musical future.

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