Mo3 Murder Suspect Reportedly Arrested In Dallas

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Mountain Caller launch new video

Large, progressive, instrumental 3-piece Mountain Caller have launched a new online video for I Recall Every little thing in guidance of their debut album Chronicle I: The Truthseeker. “In The Truthseeker, we join The Protagonist at the edge of the Twilight Desert, compelled by an indefinable but urgent have to have to set forth on […]

Music piano keyboard

How Technology Has Changed Music

Songs have been developing as well as transforming for countless years, each time culture adjustments, so does music Music is how we reveal ourselves, it gives us a voice as well as a retreat. It’s a part of people, so it makes good sense that it alters as we do. However, in recent years, the […]

Home recording with microphone and piano keyboard

Home Recording Tips

The thought of doing everything such as home recording on your own from residence can be daunting. With nearly every creative act being limited to one’s domestic atmosphere these days, we artists have little option in the matter today. Fortunately is that more incredible, world-changing songs is being recorded directly from the houses of artists […]

Record player

The History of Record Players

Arguably one of the most important inventions in the history of home entertainment; the record player has brought music into the home for over a century. For many years it was thought of as a long and dead technology. Made obsolete by CDs and later digital downloads. Yet this relic that was doomed to a […]

Home Recording for Beginners

If you’re made use of to recording in an expert workshop, or are new to the recording procedure entirely, the idea of doing it yourself from home can be frightening. With nearly every creative act being limited to one’s residential atmosphere nowadays, we musicians have little selection in the issue now. Fortunately is that even […]

How to promote and market music to an audience - concert

How to Promote and Market Your Music

As a musician, getting your music out there for others to listen to is one of the most important things you can do. We create music to share with others and if no one is listening to them, it doesn’t make much sense. We’re going to teach you how to promote and market your music […]

Tax write off and deductions for musicians

Tax Write Offs and Deductions for Musicians

The tax period is an important time to bear in mind that, for all its creativity, songs are still a service. There are a number of industry expenses that musicians can provide as insurance deductible write-offs when submitting their tax obligations. Right here we look five which every artist should be conscious of. What we […]